Established in 1992, Ecoremedy® specializes in renewable energy power generation, is the inventor and licensor of Ecoremedy patented advanced gasification, pyrolysis and nutrient recovery systems. We profitably repurpose traditional waste into renewable energy, recycled nutrients, Biochar and other commercial products while addressing key environmental and sustainability issues: water and air pollution, carbon emissions, energy and food security, landfill pressure, distributed power and rural economic development.

Our product and proven processes create win-win situations for those in industries and sectors that produce physical waste. Our proprietary technology and processes have been praised by engineers, end-users, and industry experts alike. No other biogasification system can make the same claims that we can, and no other biogasification system can back up those claims with proven and validated technology.

Our Vision

A world where the chain of custody for all organic and cellulosic waste is repurposed at the source to be a closed loop of renewable distributed energy, recovered nutrients, and cleaner air and water emissions resulting in a global nutrient balance.

Our Mission

To generate renewable energy and recover and return valuable nutrients while maintaining a negative carbon footprint and reducing operating costs by minimizing waste disposal from agriculture and waste water treatment facilities throughout the world.