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Ecoremedy Welcomes Chris Holcomb

Ecoremedy is pleased to announce Nomad Enterprises’ Chris Holcomb as our newest member of the Sales and Marketing team.  With a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Northern Arizona University, Chris strengthens our corporate acumen regarding environmental permitting, regulation, and legislation.  Chris will assist with market research, project development, equipment sales, and technical…
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Ecoremedy Technology Fuels Green Future With Rockwell Investment

PITTSBURGH, PA – March 6, 2018 – Rockwell Venture Capital announced today an asset purchase of Ecoremedy, an innovative waste conversion technology that repurposes problematic municipal, agricultural, and industrial byproducts into renewable energy and recovered nutrients while reducing carbon footprint, waste management risk, and operating costs. The Rockwell investment provides the newly formed company, Ecoremedy,…
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Waste To Energy Technology Positioned For Growth

Backed by Decade of R&D, Ecoremedy® Converts Difficult Wastes to Revenue Streams Nov. 12, 2015, Mechanicsburg, PA -- David E. Mooney, inventor of the patented Ecoremedy® energy conversion and nutrient recovery technology, today announced a buyout of all shares from Roswell, GA-based rem Engineering, Inc.  In tandem with the buyout, the Ecoremedy® technology is newly released from…
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