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President and founder of Ecoremedy®, David E. Mooney is a proven innovator with two United States Patents, one World patent protected in 66 counties, multiple inventions pending patent status and numerous “first of kind” accomplishments in the renewable energy industry. With more than two decades of proven development in waste to energy technologies and integrated energy systems, Mr. Mooney has earned global recognition for his expertise in advanced gasification and nutrient recovery, particularly pertaining to unconventional, problematic solid wastes.

Mr. Mooney’s affinity to pursue creative solutions for extracting usable energy from intractable wastes on a localized scale has provided the opportunity to work with acclaimed national universities as well as domestic and international governmental agencies.  Extensive laboratory and field testing of Ecoremedy® recovered nutrients from animal agriculture waste (chicken litter, hen manure, cow manure, mortality) has been performed in collaboration with the agriculture and engineering departments of Auburn University, University of Georgia, Virginia Tech, Penn State University, Illinois State and the University of Missouri.  Independent studies performed by Dr. Eton Codling, PhD with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), have confirmed the outstanding results reported by the universities.  Mr. Mooney has gained the attention of United Nations’ contractors to design localized waste to power and water purification plants for worldwide deployment in refugee camps and 3rd world countries in an effort to enhance living conditions and community health through distributed electricity and improved water quality and waste management practices.

His appreciation for bottom line economics and propensity for developing self-funding projects have endeared Mr. Mooney to public and private companies and independent commercial farmers worldwide.  Mr. Mooney’s professionalism, expertise and ability to comfortably communicate with academics as well as customers from around the world (e.g. US, UK, Israel, Turkey, Columbia, and Australia) has earned him accolades at all levels of collaboration.

Mr. Mooney has presented as the featured speaker at multiple university functions, regional trade shows and national and international industrial expositions.  Mr. Mooney is a repeat presenter at the International Poultry Expo held annually in Atlanta, GA.  The Ecoremedy® technology has been featured in prominent publications including The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Washington Post and The New York Times newspapers, Biomass Magazine, and Manure Manager.

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