• “The system is simple to construct, integrate into existing industrial and agricultural applications and is easy to operate and maintain. They have created a system that is different and superior to the others who are trying to do the same thing… It is a proven, commercially-viable technology.”

    Kyle Michael
    Northeast Regional Manager and Gasification Consultant - Bluewater Energy Solutions
  • “I have experienced many pyrolysis processes in my 50 years of professional experience, and I believe your Ecoremedy Technology has the best handle on it.”

    Walter S. Smith
    President - Walter Smith and Associates, Industry Expert in Air Emissions
  • “In my opinion this technology offers advantages over many other litter-to-energy technologies that I have worked with.”

    Dr. Mark Risse
    PE, Georgia Power Professor of Water Policy - University of Georgia
  • “I can say that I have been impressed with the performance of the unit [gasifier] at our feed mill during the pilot project and the unit has met our processing expectations.”

    United States Poultry Integrator
    Manager New Technologies


Tyson Foods

Georgia, USA / Poultry Litter

R&D Center (HACC)

Pennsylvania, USA / Variety of Feedstocks

Flintrock Farms

Pennsylvania, USA / Poultry Litter

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