Our History

Ecoremedy® was established as rem Engineering, Inc. in 1992 by Robert E. Mooney, mechanical engineer and renewable power expert with vast experience in building and operating biomass systems worldwide. Son and mechanical engineer, David E. Mooney, brought his experience in technology and patent development to the company in 1996. In 2001, Dave led the invention of the Ecoremedy® advanced gasification, pyrolysis and nutrient recovery system. In 2008, Dave assumed the title of President of the company known today as Ecoremedy®.

The company did not set out to become a technology provider. The mission was to be an integrator of proven gasification solutions to solve the waste disposal needs of clients in the industrial, medical, and agricultural sectors. However when conventional technologies proved inadequate, the company realized a new technique was necessary and took on the challenge of developing an advanced gasification solution. More than a decade later, after careful research, development, testing and implementation, we have commercialized and deployed the Ecoremedy technology, a timely solution to the messy, difficult waste streams that have plagued industry for years. Ecoremedy provides an ecological, economical solution to turn waste liabilities into environmental benefits and bottom line impact.


  • Bob and Dave Mooney conduct first bench test of gasification technology.
  • Research team commences ash production, learning how to manipulate nutrient availability.


  • Beta Testing conducted in Carnesville, GA, consisting of the fabrication and operation of a 1.5 MMBtu/hr. unit.

2002 - 2003 

Initial Research & Testing

2004 - 2005 

Product Recognition


  • Selected by Tyson Foods as their preferred litter-to-energy solution after a 3 year, worldwide review of technologies encompassing multiple whole plant designs.


  • U.S. Patent # 6,948,436 issued to rem Engineering, Inc. for gasification technology.
  • Earned "Letter of Intent of Permit" from Maryland Dept. of Environment - the culmination of a 9 month Title V review performed by the state of Maryland.


  • Partnered with Illinois State University to study U.S. Homeland Security's initiative to research technology's effectiveness as a safe method for the disposal of mass animal mortality for applications in bio-attack on animal agriculture.


  • Mobile Ecoremedy pilot plant began operation at Tyson Foods' Bolivar feed mill in Fairmont, GA.
  • Independent emissions testing illustrating compliance with EPA emissions requirements.

2007 - 2008 

Real World Research & Analysis

2010 - 2014 

Ecoremedy Operations Begin


  • rem Engineering awards Enginuity Energy an exclusive 5-year license to operate the technology
  • Began operations of new Ecoremedy® Development Facility at Harrisburg Area Community College.


  • 1st Ecoremedy Sale - HAEP Methane Digestate Drying Facility
  • Commissioned HAEP Digestate Drying facility.


  • 2nd Ecoremedy Sale - Central heating plant for Flintrock Farms
  • Commissioned Flintrock Farms.


  • Under contract with Clean Carbon to develop Ecoremedy BIOCHAR pyrolizer attachment to gasifier
  • Under contract to develop Ecoremedy Biosolids Drying Facility for privately owned WWTP


  • Technology license agreement expires. Ecoremedy Energy Technologies, Inc. formed.


  • Ecoremedy LLC formed.
  • Partnership between Rockwell Forest Products and Ecoremedy Energy Technologies, Inc.

2015 - 2017