Flintrock Farms

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Flintrock Farms Generates Heat and Nutrients from Farm Wastes

In the fall of 2014 under a technology license agreement, Enginuity Energy LLC deployed the Ecoremedy advanced gasification technology at Flintrock Farms, a poultry farm located in Lititz, PA.

Flintrock was seeking ways to better manage their waste and energy demand.  In partnership with The Farm Pilot Program providing partial project funding through federal grants, Enginuity Energy designed and installed a central heating system at Flintrock Farms fueled exclusively by chicken litter and horse muck generated on the farm. The project includes a central heating plant providing hot thermal fluid to heat four (4) poultry houses.  The system converts an average of 450 pounds per hour of chicken litter and recovers valuable nutrients sold as all natural fertilizer for $350 per ton.  Ecoremedy Energy Technologies was present to commission the gasifier and central heating plant.

See what the end-user, Dan Heller, had to say about his experience with EcoRemedy.


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