Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods Powers their Feed Mill with Poultry Litter and Mill Waste

In the winter of 2008, the predecessor to Ecoremedy®, rem Engineering, Inc., deployed the Ecoremedy® advanced gasification technology at Tyson Foods’ Bolivar Feed Mill located in Fairmount, GA.  This demonstration verified the Ecoremedy® advanced gasification technology as one of the world’s most fuel flexible and industry friendly energy conversion processes.

In partnership with Tyson Foods, rem Engineering successfully demonstrated the Ecoremedy® technology in a pilot plant operated for one year during which time they gasified chicken litter, chicken mortality, spoiled feed, ingredient bags, and plant refuse to produce  110 psig steam used in feed mill production.  The recovered nutrients were collected in super sacks and sold to soybean farmers who have responded with testimonials and the request to purchase all their nutrients from Ecoremedy® gasification facilities.

Read the Bolivar Report summarizing the success of the project.

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