Product Information

The Process

The Ecoremedy® advanced gasification, pyrolysis, and nutrient recovery process is elegant in its design.  We’ve combined off-the-shelf, commercially available components with time-tested practices to create a unique gasification method and apparatus (US 6,948,436 B2) which we call Ecoremedy®.

We’ve disrupted the conventional economies of scale with our small scale, modular design offering a wide range of energy solutions to more customers than ever before.  Novel to industry, we are able to economically provide Ecoremedy® gasification solutions on a mobile basis converting as little as 2-10 tons per day to usable energy and valuable recovered nutrients or at a larger scale of stationary units capable of processing 50 tons per day.  When needed, we install our large units in parallel to obtain regional waste to energy facilities processing hundreds of tons per day.

Patented, precision air control technology combined with infinitely variable feed rates in a horizontal configuration drives the slow, calm gasification process. The quiescent bed ensures consistent syngas production and low fly ash carryover, assuring continuous and efficient energy production from a wide variety of waste materials. The same gasification process effectively converts organic biomass, municipal solid waste, sludge and industrial wastes to usable energy and valuable byproducts while simultaneously controlling the quality of the resulting ash. The ability for the operator to customize the amount of residual carbon left in the ash is a technology advantage unique to Ecoremedy®.

This  video conceptually applies to all Ecoremedy® installations, regardless of feedstock.