Resource Recovery



Superior to competing technologies whose waste-to-energy process results in unusable waste products that require further handling, the Ecoremedy® Agriculture-to-Energy and Biosolids-to-Energy solutions result in a highly concentrated, nutrient-rich by-product with multiple applications that are both beneficial to the environment and beneficial to bottom-line economics. Ecoremedy concentrated nutrients have been studied and tested by the USDA, US universities, and by international scientists for their use as an all-natural crop fertilizer, soil amendment, and animal feed supplement. Since 2009, independent farmers have been purchasing Ecoremedy recovered nutrients for use on their crops with excellent results.



The Ecoremedy advanced gasification process can create a “designer activated biochar” from nearly any cellulosic material (e.g. wood, agriculture crops, animal manure, and human biosolids) that can restore soil to its proper balance of nutrients providing agronomists with an economic solution to the world’s growing need for food. activated biochar is being used to reclaim land lost to soil compaction, desertification, and drought as well as convert previously unsuitable land to fertile cropland.

Simply stated, activated biochar is charcoal produced from plant matter. When returned to the soil, activated biochar removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, boosts soil water retention properties by up to 50% and prevents nutrient leaching. Amazon tribal communities have used charcoal to condition soil for over 2,000 years producing the world’s most fertile soils. The highly porous structure of the charcoal determines the char’s usefulness for different crops and purposes and helps the soil retain nutrients and water. Ecoremedy has the unique ability to manipulate the microscopic structure of the charcoal thereby creating a “designer activated biochar” for specific purposes.

Nutrient Weight/ Weight %
Available P2O5 22.6
Soluable K2O 13.6
Boron 0.033
Calcium 12.4
Chlorine 4.37
Copper 0.154
Iron 1.694
Magnesium 4.38
Manganese 0.268
Sodium 4.6
Sulfur 2.6
Zinc 0.245


Tailor your nutrient by-product to meet real-time market demand.  The ability of Ecoremedy to produce designer activated biochar enables the plant operator to address real time market conditions.

Designer Biochar from poultry boiler litter

1% activated biochar

1% Carbon

Concentrated Nutrients for Fertilizer 

20% activated biochar

20% Carbon

Customized Residual Carbon Content for Specialized Biochar Products

40% activated biochar

40% Carbon

Customized Residual Carbon Content for Specialized Biochar Products


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  • Farm-scale soybean growth test with farmer testimonials:

    Ecoremedy recovered nutrients from poultry litter outperformed commercial fertilizer in a head-to-head growth study with the test plot being in marginal soil conditions.

    PhD agronomist from the USDA confirms the outstanding results of Ecoremedy nutrients.

  • Detailed Nutrient Economic Analysis
  • Fertilizer laboratory test reports from a variety of materials including:
    • Poultry litter
    • Laying hen manure
    • Cattle manure
    • Turkey litter
    • Dairy cow manure
    • Hog manure
    • DAF sludge (wastewater treatment)
    • Spent mushroom substrate and laying hen manure comingled
    • X-Ray diffraction of poultry litter concentrated nutrients