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Brian Novak

Vice President of Engineering

Brian Novak serves as Vice President of Engineering for Ecoremedy®. Brian is a global expert on thermal biosolids processes and has over 35 years of experience developing, managing, designing, constructing, and commissioning large-scale water and wastewater treatment, beneficial reuse, and industrial projects. Brian’s career of lessons learned in the field and in the boardroom are of great benefit to Ecoremedy.

His expertise in the direct and indirect heat drying pelletization processes has been applied in numerous projects world-wide. Brian has developed and implemented training programs for operators and marketers of biosolids and heat drying systems. His talents are often in demand for troubleshooting and process adaptation, performing system analysis, due diligence and new technology integration and implementation. In addition, Brian is a licensed Master Electrician and electrical systems designer

National and international governments, as well as private industry, seek Brian’s consultation to develop and implement biosolids management programs. Brian has served as a technical expert for heat drying at symposia world-wide for the purpose of promoting beneficial reuse of biosolids. Brian has consulted with various R&D entities to study the efficacy of combining multiple organic waste products into a reusable product as well as heat recovery, CHP and alternative fuels.

For fun and relaxation, Brian enjoys creating stained glass art and has created in excess of 100 pieces for friends and family as well as local auctions. Earlier in Brian’s career he was an avid pilot; flying from project to project as well as family vacations.

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