Ecoremedy to Construct Sludge Conversion Facility at Morrisville

All eyes will be on Morrisville over the next year as Pennsylvania-based Ecoremedy carries out a demonstration project at the Morrisville Municipal Authority (MMA) aimed at significantly reducing the environmental and financial costs of biosolids management while saving ratepayers and being a good steward to the environment.

Through a partnership with the MMA, Ecoremedy will build, own and operate a sludge conversion facility at the existing treatment plant in the Manor Park section of the borough that will convert sludge into biochar using its patented Fluid Lift Gasification technology.

“What we will be doing is taking the sludge – a waste, a cost center, an environmental liability because of what’s contained within the sludge – and we will be reducing it by over 90 percent in mass and volume and taking the residual 10 percent and turning it into a beneficial use product of value,” explained Ecoremedy President Dave Mooney.

Every year, MMA’s regional wastewater treatment facility, which serves customers in Morrisville, Yardley and portions of Lower Makefield and Falls townships, processes about 5,000 wet tons of residual organic biosolids. Currently, biosolids containing about 20 percent solids and 80 percent water are hauled to a nearby landfill for disposal. Instead of landfilling the biosolids, Ecoremedy will be using its fluid lift gasification process to reduce the solids’ volume by up to 90 percent, dramatically lowering the costs and potential environmental impacts of landfill disposal while also recovering valuable energy and resources…

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