Ecoremedy Welcomes Brian Novak

Ecoremedy is pleased to announce that Brian Novak, formerly of Environmental Process Consultants, has joined the team full-time as Director of Design Engineering. Brian is a global expert and leader in the thermal treatment of biosolids with over thirty years of experience.

“The reason I’m so excited about Fluid Lift Gasification is that I’m proud to be part of an innovative, professional company that truly believes in providing solutions and is not just a process vendor,” Mr. Novak said. “Ecoremedy’s technology is a true innovation in the biosolids treatment industry. One of the most costly operational components of thermal treatment is the heat source, predominately natural gas. Marrying proven thermal drying systems with a proven gasification system supplies such flexibility to create multiple products and eliminate the need for costly fuels. The biosolids industry has been searching for such a combined system that provides lower operating cost, low emissions, PFAS destruction, has a small footprint, and can process a wide range of biosolids.”

In addition to supporting the commissioning of the Morrisville Project, Mr. Novak is leading the dryer system design of our next round of biosolids projects around the US.