Ecoremedy Gasification Technology Achieves Historic Success at Morrisville Pilot

By any measure, Ecoremedy’s groundbreaking gasification technology to halt the rising costs and environmental hazards associated with biosolids disposal was a tremendous success at our pilot plant in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. This paradigm-shifting technology will help improve the quality of life for countless communities and families.

Ecoremedy successfully gasified biosolids cake generated at the MMA WWTP into renewable thermal energy and sterilized products free of PFAS chemicals and other harmful contaminants. Our success was supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which ruled the Ecoremedy gasification technology prevents the combustion of sewage sludge. This critical ruling confirms our technology is not a sewage sludge incinerator. 

These historic results in Morrisville will serve as a remarkable example of how we can improve environmental outcomes in our communities, as we continue important work at emerging Ecoremedy projects in Washington state, Australia and more.

During the two-year pilot operation, Ecoremedy achieved tremendous results. Some of the highlights include:

  • Sustained sludge throughput of 1.25 TPH with single shift operations and daily shutdown
  • Sustained sludge throughput > 1.5 TPH with two shift operations and daily shutdown
  • Automated operations
  • EPA determination that Ecoremedy technology prevents combustion and is, therefore, exempt from Sewage Sludge Incineration (SSI) regulations
  • 36 PFAS compounds reduced to non-detect (< 2 parts per billion, industry norm)
  • Exceeded 2,000⁰F oxidation temperature resulting in anticipated vapor-phase PFAS destruction of > 99.999%, based on Chemours Study (March 2020)
  • Non-detect odors at 600 feet, proven by triple-blind test using EPA methodology
  • Criteria pollutant air emissions < PADEP de minimis limits at 75 TPD design capacity
  • MMA’s endorsement and continued interest to locate a regional biosolids gasification facility in the Keystone Trade Center, future site of MMA’s new WWTP

If you’re interested in improving the quality of life for your community and want to discuss a potential project with Ecoremedy, we’re ready to talk. The future is now.