Edmonds Wastewater Treatment Plant

LocationEdmonds, WA

Ecoremedy Employing Historic Fluid Gasification Technology To Support Edmonds’ Path To Sustainability Program

Ecoremedy® is honored to be the system designer and provider of Fluid Lift™ gasification technology to Ameresco, the energy solutions provider of the Carbon Recovery Project for the City of Edmonds, WA. The city turned to Ameresco to provide an energy service contract for the replacement of the outdated, expensive, and unreliable incinerator. Ecoremedy’s cost saving process was selected in part because it fits within the confined space of the existing incinerator building and its flexible operations yield FlexChar™, a carbon variable byproduct with environmental benefits in the agriculture, filtration, and concrete industries. Our environmentally responsible carbon recovery technology has been determined by the USEPA to prevent sewage sludge combustion and therefore is NOT an incinerator.

Incinerator demolition is underway in 2021, and the Ecoremedy system will be installed in 2022.

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Wastewater treatment uses a great deal of energy. For many years, the Edmonds Wastewater Treatment Plant has partnered with Ameresco to implement numerous energy efficiency upgrades through the Path to Sustainability Program. Every year, the city treats billions of gallons of wastewater and generates tens of thousands of tons of human biosolids. For decades, fossil fuel was burned in an incinerator to reduce the waste to a valueless ash which was landfilled. Facing increasing regulations and an aging incinerator, the city was forced to evaluate a more sustainable solution.


Ecoremedy provides thermal drying of all incoming biosolids using only thermal energy recovered from the biosolids, grit, and screenings. Ecoremedy’s flexible operating platform results in a variable carbon content biochar, FlexChar, as a marketable byproduct. Fluid Lift gasification destroys harmful PFAS chemicals and reduces fossil fuel usage by more than 99% compared to incineration. Reduced electricity consumption will save ratepayers an estimated $341,000 per year. All this fits within a confined space measuring only 53’ x 39’ x 39’.