Hampton Alternative Energy Products

Location Triplett, MO
InputDigested Cattle Manure
OutputAlternative Peat Moss
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Gasification Of Anaerobic Digestate From Cow Manure For The Production Of Alternative Peat Moss

In the winter of 2012 under a technology license agreement, the Ecoremedy® advanced gasification technology was deployed for Hampton Alternative Energy Products LLC at the Hampton Feedlot in Triplett, Missouri.

Hampton Feedlot processes manure from 2,500 cattle in an anaerobic digester to make methane for electrical generation. The digester produces an average flow rate of 17 tons per day of separated solids with 70% moisture content and no value. Hampton Feedlot wanted a solution for the waste that was burying its operation.

An Ecoremedy sludge drying system, powered by our advanced gasification technology, was installed to convert the wet digestate to a dried, odorless fiber sold as an organic alternative peat moss. The system operates on digestate as the exclusive fuel with concentrated nutrients recovered and added to the dried peat moss as a fertilizer enhancement. Ecoremedy was present to commission the gasifier and dryer facility.


In 2012, Hampton Feedlot in central Missouri had a problem. The on-site methane digester converted manure from 2,500 cattle to biogas for onsite electricity generation but the 17 tons per day of wet digestate was an operational and environmental liability.


The Ecoremedy® advanced gasification process uses a fraction of the digestate as the sole energy source to dry the wet digestate to organic alternative peat moss with macro- and micronutrient value.

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