Morrisville Municipal Authority

ClientMorrisville Municipal Authority
LocationMorrisville, PA
InputMunicipal biosolids
OutputDried Class A Biosolids, activated biochar, and concentrated nutrients
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Industrial-Scale Biosolids Gasification Serving The Host Municipality And The Greater Philadelphia Region

Within 12 months of beginning a three-year pilot project with the Morrisville Municipal Authority (MMA), Ecoremedy® engineered, financed, permitted, and constructed the facility under an innovative BOOM (Build/Own/Operate/Manage) model. MMA provided a quarter-acre parcel adjacent to their dewatering building and a biosolids supply contract for a fixed fee per ton to Ecoremedy.

During the pilot project, Ecoremedy successfully gasified biosolids cake generated at the MMA wastewater treatment plant into renewable thermal energy, without the need for supplemental fuel, and produced two beneficial use products: US EPA approved alternative fuel and sterilized concentrated minerals with non-detectable levels of PFAS chemicals and other harmful contaminants. Prior to concluding the pilot project, Ecoremedy received the US EPA’s determination that the Fluid Lift™ gasification technology prevents the combustion of sewage sludge. This critical ruling confirms our technology is not sewage sludge incineration.

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The Morrisville Municipal Authority faced a problem experienced by wastewater utilities across the country: rising costs and shrinking outlets for the disposal of dewatered biosolids.


Ecoremedy provides thermal drying of all incoming sludge using only thermal energy recovered from the biosolids. To provide flexibility for changing regulations and markets, recovered resources include dried Class A biosolids, EPA approved alternative fuel, activated Flexchar™, and concentrated nutrients.

The historic results achieved in Morrisville serve as a remarkable example of how we can improve environmental outcomes in our communities as we continue our mission to convert intractable wastes to renewable energy and value-added products domestically and abroad.  

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