R&D Center (HACC)

ClientR&D Center (HACC)
LocationHarrisburg, PA
InputVariety of Feedstocks
OutputRenewable Biomass Fuel
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Biomass Gasification Research Partnership With Harrisburg Area Community College

In the fall of 2010 under a technology license agreement, the Ecoremedy® advanced gasification technology was showcased in a corporate/academic partnership with Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) serving central Pennsylvania. An R&D and educational training center was located on the HACC campus in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As testimony to the clean emissions of Ecoremedy, the R&D facility was centrally located among the Pennsylvania DEP, the Pennsylvania USDA, and a child daycare facility. Ecoremedy was present for all operations and successfully demonstrated the technology to clients from around the world.

The mobile gasification equipment is mounted onto a 48-foot-long trailer and is housed inside a 38-foot-wide, 70-foot-long, and 19-foot-high green hoop structure. Syngas is produced during the patented gasification process, which powers a boiler to create steam. The steam can be used for thermal applications and/or to generate electricity to power a school, an industrial plant, a commercial complex, or the community. This facility served its purpose for the duration of the allowable permit, which expired in the summer of 2015.


In 2010, commercial biomass gasification was restricted to fuels like wood chips with narrow tolerances for ash, moisture content, and uniformity.


Five years of R&D to push the boundaries of advanced gasification technology using a mobile unit housed on the campus of Harrisburg Area Community College.