Roundwood Solutions

ClientRoundwood Solutions
LocationSouth Australia
InputWood Waste
OutputProcess Steam, Biochar
Roundwood Solutions Project Overview PDF

The First Carbon-Neutral Treated-Wood Product In Australia

When Roundwood delivers new poles to customers, the used poles are returned to their manufacturing facility.

There, the wood waste is delivered to an Ecoremedy® biomass boiler, which supplies 100% of the steam needed for pressure-treatment of new poles.

Instead of reducing the wood waste to ash, it is converted to carbon-rich biochar.

Water is reclaimed by running the condensed steam through biochar, a natural carbon filter. The biochar can also be returned to the soil to sequester carbon and act as a natural sponge to reduce usage of irrigation water.


In 2019, Roundwood Solutions set an ambitious goal: to produce the first carbon-neutral treated wood product in Australia.


In 2020, Ecoremedy shipped a first-of-it’s-kind biomass boiler to South Australia that replaced the existing fossil fuel-based system.

Later that year, Roundwood completed numerous sustainability initiatives to become certified as carbon-neutral and was a finalist at the South Australian Climate Leaders Awards.

Climate Active Certification