Tyson Foods

ClientTyson Foods
LocationFairmount, GA
InputPoultry Litter
OutputDry, odorless fertilizer
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Tyson Foods Powers Feed Mill During One-Year Demonstration Of Ecoremedy

In late 2008, Ecoremedy® deployed a mobile demonstration of Fluid Lift Gasification™ (FLG) at the Tyson Foods’ Bolivar Feed Mill located in Fairmount, Georgia. During the one-year project, Ecoremedy demonstrated the viability and economics of using FLG technology for the conversion of waste poultry litter, spoiled feed, mortality, and other waste products for steam production at the feed mill. The project also successfully demonstrated highly available nutrient recovery from the processed poultry litter which was collected and sold to local soybean farmers as an all-natural fertilizer. During and after the project a number of local farmers have continued to work with Ecoremedy in an effort to secure a continuous source of fertilizer from other FLG projects.


In 2008, Tyson Foods sought to reduce energy usage and better manage large volumes of organic wastes from one of its feed mills in Georgia.


A first-of-its-kind steam plant (110 psig) fueled solely by chicken litter, chicken mortality, spoiled feed, and plant refuse, producing concentrated nutrients as a by-product.