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Anthony Martinez

Field Specialist

Anthony Martinez brings more than ten years of process operations and managerial experience to the Ecoremedy® team. His infectious positive attitude makes him a natural leader. He is a skilled operator of small equipment (loaders, skid steer, forklift, etc.) and holds a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

During the two-year pilot operations of Ecoremedy’s biosolids gasification and drying facility located in Morrisville, PA, Anthony first served as Chief Operator and eventually became Plant Manager. Anthony built a diverse operations team in Morrisville, hiring and training skilled men and women to operate the facility. Not only did Anthony lead personnel training associated with full plant operations and maintenance from material receiving/handling, gasifying, drying, and emission control, he was instrumental in creating the preventive maintenance, safety, and standard operating procedures and protocols. As Plant Manager, his duties included record keeping, weekly report writing, adherence to permit requirements, and hosting tours.

Anthony’s experience in Morrisville makes him a valuable member of our plant commissioning team where he will share his knowledge of plant operations and training with all new Ecoremedy customers.

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