Fluid Lift Gasification Tested. Proven. Approved.


Our proprietary Fluid Lift Gasification™ technology is at the core of each Ecoremedy® project. Ecoremedy integrates comprehensive processing systems with guaranteed performance. Depending on the project, system components may include:

  •   Metering Bins
  •   Fully Automated Controls
  •   Building and Foundation
  •   Dryers
  •   Conveyors
  •   Mixing Equipment
  •   Steam Turbine Generators
  •   Emission Control
  •   Steam or Hot Water Boilers


The Ecoremedy Fluid Lift Gasification (FLG) process is the world’s most advanced platform for simultaneous gasification, pyrolysis, nutrient, and energy recovery from industrial and municipal waste biosolids. Our proprietary design incorporates over 25 years of gasification and thermal oxidation reactor design with industry-standard components to produce a completely modular, scalable, and economical solution to the world’s most challenging residuals conversion and disposal issues.

The advanced controls incorporated into each Ecoremedy FLG process provide it unmatched performance and flexibility compared to other residuals conversion systems. By incorporating precision air control technology combined with infinitely variable feed rates, the FLG process produces a quiescent fluidized bed to achieve desired gasification conditions. The resulting system ensures consistent syngas production and minimal carryover to achieve optimal energy production and solids conversion from a wide variety of waste materials.

The modular design of the Ecoremedy FLG process also allows it to achieve unmatched project economics at any scale. Novel to industry, Ecoremedy can economically provide gasification solutions with a wide range of feedstock throughput and operational turndown for a single unit. Capacity per unit varies widely depending on the feedstock. For dewatered residuals, a single unit can process between 15-75 wet tons per day. With the smallest footprint per ton of capacity in the industry, multiple units can be installed in parallel to process larger volumes of residuals. Feedstocks such as chipped wood waste have very different characteristics than biosolids, and throughput depends heavily on the goals of the project.

Each system can be optimized in real time to achieve any combination of targeted nutrient recovery, maximum waste reduction, and/or maximum energy recovery.


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The Ecoremedy combination of advanced engineering, modular design, and unmatched scalability provides a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative for the treatment of industrial or municipal residuals. The advantages are clear: the Ecoremedy Fluid Lift Gasification process delivers flexible, safe, and profitable carbon-conversion options for the world’s most challenging organic residuals.

Ecoremedy Process


Feedstock is heated in an oxygen‑starved environment to create energy-rich syngas.

Fluid Lift Gasification


  • Destroys emerging contaminants
  • Highest feedstock tolerance in the industry
  • Made in the U.S. with off-the-shelf components from well-established vendors
  • No wood chips or supplemental feedstock necessary
  • State-of-the-art odor control
  • Clean emissions streamline air permitting
  • Over 90% volume reduction
  • Automated operations


From its inception, the LIFT Technology Scan Program was developed to inform water facility owners, funders, advisors, and end users of emerging technologies in order to promote their early adoption by the industry. The program focuses on identifying those technologies with strong technical underpinnings likely to make a positive impact at our member facilities.

The Ecoremedy technology has been accepted into the LIFT program, giving it a direct channel to communicate with nearly 900 water utilities across the globe.

Read our FAQ to learn more about the advantages of our Fluid Lift Gasification system.