Meet the Team


President and
Chief Technology Officer
Meet the Ecoremedy® team. We are engineers, scientists, leaders, and investors committed to delivering world-class energy and nutrient recovery solutions.

With unprecedented flexibility, we design and implement innovative and environmentally responsible waste treatment systems for the specialized needs of our clients.

We are nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, deeply committed to a world where waste is responsibly repurposed locally for the betterment of our communities. After hours, you’ll find us hiking local trails, skiing the hills, tending our gardens, or sipping a drink while quietly watching the sunset.

John Irvin

Managing Director

Ray Tedesco

Board Member and Financial Advisor

Mike Kaliszewski

Chief Financial Officer

Dion Banks

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

Michael Nicholson

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

David Pavlik

General Manager and Financial Analyst

Katie Tandlmayer

Graphic Design and Digital Development

Brad Morgan

Senior Project Manager

Anthony Martinez

Field Specialist

Chad Knoll

Field Specialist

Kelly Gatto

Office Manager

Lauri Aston

Human Resources Manager