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Chris Holcomb

Project Development Manager

Chris Holcomb serves as project development manager for Ecoremedy® and has led Ecoremedy’s entry into the biosolids market, including origination of the company’s first two biosolids gasification projects. As the first full-time employee of the company, he has been closely involved with all aspects of Ecoremedy, including product development, sales, marketing, due diligence, business development, permitting, and R&D.

During graduate school in environmental sciences and policy, he gained a technical foundation in the chemistry of combustion, including pyrolysis and gasification. During a deployment to Antarctica supporting a heavy equipment fleet at a remote off-grid base, he gained insight into the needs and thought-processes of operators and mechanics. As an environmental consultant at billion-dollar renewable energy construction projects for the largest utilities in the US, he gained invaluable experience with national environmental politics and media coverage.

His interest in biosolids gasification is influenced by extensive travels in the developing world, where he frequently encounters degradation of coral reefs due to lack of infrastructure for waste and sewage.

Based in Boise, Idaho, Chris is an avid hiker and scuba diver.

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