Meet the Team

David Mooney

President and Chief Technology Officer

As president and CTO of Ecoremedy®, David Mooney is a hands-on leader, motivating Ecoremedy’s dynamic team of scientists, engineers, and leaders in their mission to design and deliver world-class waste management and energy recovery systems.

A globally recognized expert in renewable energy solutions, Dave is the inventor of the Ecoremedy Fluid Lift Gasification™ technology. He is a two-time US and world patent holder known by his colleagues for his creative and innovative approach to solving the world’s most challenging waste management issues as well as his approachability and self-effacing humor. Consulted by scientists at universities worldwide for his understanding of gasification, Dave is a sought-after speaker at industry events. He is a Virginia Tech trained engineer with three decades experience in waste repurposing, renewable energy generation, energy conservation, and value-added product development.

Motivated by a core belief that we are to be good stewards of creation, Dave has made the challenge of turning waste liabilities into environmental opportunities his life’s mission. Yet he points to his greatest accomplishment as his family. In his spare time, you can find Dave kayaking, hiking, and biking through central Pennsylvania with his wife, Kristin, or trying desperately to beat his two adult children in an ongoing battle of Kan Jam. In case you are keeping score, the kids are winning.

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