Ecoremedy Technology Fuels Green Future With Rockwell Investment

  March 6, 2018

PITTSBURGH, PA – March 6, 2018 – Rockwell Venture Capital announced today an asset purchase of Ecoremedy®, an innovative waste conversion technology that repurposes problematic municipal, agricultural, and industrial byproducts into renewable energy and recovered nutrients while reducing carbon footprint, waste management risk, and operating costs. The Rockwell investment provides the newly formed company, Ecoremedy, LLC, with the capital to penetrate the waste disposal market through a disruptive, managed-cost financial model serving industries and municipalities plagued by unpredictable and unstable waste disposal costs. Dave Mooney, president and CTO, explains, “Ecoremedy, is now primed to offer a clean energy solution with the potential to forecast reliable and predictable long-term economics to ongoing waste management.” Mooney continues, “Ecoremedy brings power, quite literally, to industrials and municipalities to handle their residuals in the most environmentally responsible way without falling prey to the volatile market drivers of today’s waste disposal industry.”

With a fuel-flexible system unique to the industry, the ability of Ecoremedy to easily change fuels in response to market fluctuations first drew the eye of investor S. Kent Rockwell. “For more than a decade, Ecoremedy has been quietly and purposefully developing, testing, and deploying this unique system that is not only capable of repurposing the most difficult wastes but can do so with fluidity across fuel types,” says Rockwell. “With this type of fuel flexibility, Ecoremedy is poised for growth across many industry sectors.”

Rockwell Venture Capital, a longstanding Pittsburgh-based firm with investments in technology-based engineering products, renewable energy production, and conservation initiatives, brings their financial and management strength to support the growth of Ecoremedy. The company intends to “Build/Own/Operate/Manage” (BOOM) projects in the United States with international focus on equipment sales through strategic project development partners. When appropriate, Ecoremedy LLC endeavors to offer comprehensive solutions to residual management through joint ventures with other service providers.

Mooney’s interest in energy conservation began early in his career. A Virginia Tech-trained mechanical engineer, Mooney earned his first patent in air filtration as a process engineer with W.L. Gore and Associates. In 2001, as Vice President of REM Engineering, a predecessor to Ecoremedy, LLC, Mooney focused the renewable energy firm’s attention on the potential of generating clean energy from messy agricultural wastes – a difficult material that industry deemed untenable for waste-to-energy production. Led by Mooney, the company patented the Ecoremedy technology in 2005 and has since proven the process through a one-year demonstration project at Tyson foods, a four-year R&D testing facility in Harrisburg, PA, and two commercial deployments. The all-natural recovered nutrients of Ecoremedy have been tested globally by academic, government, and independent agencies.