Edmonds Gasifier Produces FLG Sand From Biosolids

  April 5, 2024

Ecoremedy’s Fluid Lift Gasification™ system at the Edmonds, Washington wastewater treatment plant is now producing FLG Sand™, which results when biosolids are processed in the gasifier. The material meets the criteria for Class A biosolids. It can be used as a stand-alone sand product or blended to produce high quality topsoil. The sand provides granularity that improves aeration and drainage.

More than 50 billion tons of sand are used annually in the construction industry. Markets for sand include: Topsoil/Horticulture, Abrasion, Brick, Cob, Construction, Concrete, Landfill Cover, Mortar, Paint, Sand Blasting, Sand Bags and Water Filtration.

Ecoremedy’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development Mike Nicholson provides a look at FLG Sand in this video.