EPA approves Ecoremedy’s wastewater treatment technology

  May 19, 2022

Ecoremedy receives an EPA ruling on its gasification technology, and now moves forward with installing the system at a Washington wastewater plant.

Ecoremedy LLC, which designs complete biosolid drying and gasification facilities for wastewater treatment, has received a ruling from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that its Fluid Lift™ gasification technology is not an incineration.

“After two years of intense scientific scrutiny, EPA’s determination empowers communities to deploy Ecoremedy to treat their waste locally in an environmentally friendly manner,” said Ecoremedy President and CTO David Mooney. “The self-sustaining process eliminates dependence on fossil fuel to power the process and avoids the practice of hauling sludge across state lines to incinerators or landfills.”

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