Ecoremedy Patent

Patent No. 11,629,301

Issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Ecoremedy® Biosolid Treatment Process and System.

The innovative process and equipment address one of the world’s most challenging residuals conversion and disposal issues and provides an alternative to increasingly problematic municipal biosolids management practices, including land application, incineration, composting and landfilling.

“This is an important milestone in our development of a modular and scalable solution that uses thermal energy to remove moisture from biosolids, breaks down harmful chemicals and produces a biochar with desirable properties and minimal environmental footprint,” said David Mooney, Ecoremedy’s President, Chief Technology Officer and patent inventor. “It strengthens Ecoremedy’s competitive position and validates our design of the world’s most advanced platform for simultaneous gasification, pyrolysis, nutrient and energy recovery from municipal biosolids and industrial residuals.”

Ecoremedy’s process -- ruled as non-incineration by the EPA in 2021 -- avoids the production of highly toxic and carcinogenic dioxins and furans commonly produced by incineration.

The Ecoremedy Fluid Lift Gasification™ system is installed at the Edmonds, Washington wastewater treatment plant where the initial phase of commissioning has begun and plans are underway for installation at the Derry Township Municipal Authority wastewater treatment plant in Hershey, PA.