Management Team


President and CTO

President and founder of Ecoremedy®, David E. Mooney is a proven innovator with two United States patents, one world-wide patent protected in 66 counties, multiple inventions pending patent status, and numerous “first of kind” accomplishments in the renewable energy industry. With more than two decades of proven development in waste-to-energy technologies and integrated energy systems, Mr. Mooney has earned global recognition for his expertise in advanced gasification and nutrient recovery, particularly for unconventional, problematic solid wastes.

Mr. Mooney’s affinity to pursue creative solutions for extracting usable energy from intractable wastes on a localized scale has provided the opportunity to work with acclaimed national universities as well as domestic and international governmental agencies. Extensive laboratory and field testing of Ecoremedy recovered nutrients from animal agriculture waste (chicken litter, hen manure, cow manure, mortality) has been performed in collaboration with the agriculture and engineering departments of Auburn University, University of Georgia, Virginia Tech, Penn State University, Illinois State, and the University of Missouri. Independent studies performed by Dr. Eton Codling, Ph.D. with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), have confirmed the outstanding results reported by the universities. Mr. Mooney has gained the attention of United Nations’ contractors to design localized waste-to-power and water purification plants for worldwide deployment in refugee camps and developing nations to enhance living conditions and community health through distributed electricity and improved water quality and waste management practices.

His appreciation for bottom-line economics and propensity for developing self-funding projects have endeared Mr. Mooney to public and private companies and independent commercial farmers worldwide. Mr. Mooney’s professionalism, expertise, and ability to comfortably communicate with academics as well as customers from around the world (e.g. US, UK, Israel, Turkey, Columbia, and Australia) have earned him accolades at all levels of collaboration.

Mr. Mooney has presented as the featured speaker at multiple university events, regional trade shows, and national and international industrial expositions. Mr. Mooney is a repeat presenter at the International Poultry Expo held annually in Atlanta, GA. The Ecoremedy technology has been featured in prominent publications including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Biomass Magazine, and Manure Manager.



Steven Kent Rockwell is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rockwell Venture Capital (RVC), a company he founded in 1983. RVC has invested in a variety of technology companies since its inception.

Mr. Rockwell is currently the Executive Chairman of the ExOne Company. He has held this investment since 2008. The ExOne Company is the 4th public company in his career in which he has held a CEO role.

Mr. Rockwell retired from Argon ST as Vice Chairman in 2008. He is former Chairman, CEO, and President of Astrotech International Corporation, and SensysTech.

He also served as a Group President and member of the board of directors of Rockwell International Inc. from 1973 to 1983.

He has invested in a variety of businesses in addition to ExOne including Rockwell Forest Products Inc., Strata Products Worldwide (an underground mining services company), Appalachian Timber Service (supplying quality timber products for railroads), Strata Proximity Systems (providing proximity detection and avoidance systems for mining operations), and Pro Grass, LLC, (a synthetic turf supplier.)

Mr. Rockwell earned a B.A. in both economics and business from Lafayette College in Easton, PA, and attended graduate school at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Managing Director

John Irvin currently serves as a senior advisor for Rockwell Venture Capital.

From 2012 to 2013, he served as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of The ExOne Company (XONE) and led the team in taking the company public on the NASDAQ in 2013. ExOne manufactures sells and supports 3D printing machines.

In July 2008 he served as President of PartnersFinancial, a leading national life insurance producer group owned by National Financial Partners. From 1993 to July 2008, he was CEO of Innovative Benefits Consulting, Inc., a life insurance consulting firm. From 1983 through 1993, John was a partner and co-founder of Mid Atlantic Capital Group, and president of Mid Atlantic Insurance Corporation, where he specialized in serving the financial planning, asset management, and insurance needs of ultra-high net worth individuals.

At the beginning of his career, Mr. Irvin worked as a CPA in public accounting with the international accounting firm Arthur Andersen & Company. He then formed his own accounting firm engaging in individual taxation, financial planning, estate planning, and trust work. This founding firm is currently operating as the Pittsburgh office of BDO, a national accounting firm.

Mr. Irvin currently serves on the Board of Directors of The ExOne Company, a NASDAQ-traded firm. He also serves as a Director on the S. Kent Rockwell Foundation, the PartnersFinancial Foundation board, and the Mine Vision Systems, Inc. board (a private global mining technology company). John formerly served on the Board of Directors for Argon ST, a NASDAQ-traded firm, and chaired its audit committee from 2001 until it was acquired by The Boeing Company in 2010.


General Manager and Financial Analyst

David Pavlik has provided business, management, and accounting services to Ecoremedy from within the management team of Rockwell Forest Products, Inc. since the fall of 2017.

From 2012 to 2017, as Controller he provided accounting, forecasting, and budgeting services for a Rockwell national synthetic turf company specializing in product development and management, design/build, construction, installation, and maintenance services. During his tenure he was part of the management team that oversaw an operation that experienced annual sales increases of nearly 140%, approaching a mid-8 figure annual sales volume.

Commencing in 1988, and continuing into 2012, Mr. Pavlik served as Controller and then Treasurer for a full-service national commercial real estate company. He managed mid-7 figures of square footage of retail/office space, and developed low-to-mid 9-figures of new construction with annual receipts of low-to-mid 8-figures while also playing a lead role in creating and validating new development/acquisition economic models. During his tenure, the company increased employees more than five-fold to nearly 50 in 2011.

After graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1982, Mr. Pavlik spent the next six years working as an Accountant, first for a retail/wholesale food supplier, and then for a tax syndication company, and as an elected Township Auditor in a municipality northeast of Pittsburgh.

Since 1992 Dave, his wife, and two children have lived in the West Jefferson Hills suburb of Pittsburgh where David has been active with the community baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer programs.


Technical Sales and Business Development

Chris Holcomb leads the deployment of the Ecoremedy technology for municipal biosolids projects throughout North America. He works on equipment sales, marketing, development of BOOM projects, due diligence, business development, permitting, and R&D projects.

During graduate school in environmental sciences and policy, Mr. Holcomb conducted ecology research, developed advanced statistical models, and led focus groups aimed at reducing catastrophic wildfires in the forests of Grand Canyon National Park.

After graduate school, Mr. Holcomb spent half a year working in a heavy equipment shop in Antarctica where he provided logistical support for scientific research on the polar plateau and the Ross Ice Shelf. He then co-founded Nomad Enterprises and spent seven years conducting wildlife surveys and regulatory compliance with a focus on the siting and construction of utility-scale renewable energy projects. Project proponents included BrightSource Energy, SilverState Energy, NV Energy, Southern California Edison, NextEra Energy Resources, SoCal Gas, and the US Marine Corps. During this time, he also spent a season installing grid-tied residential photovoltaic arrays in Boise.


Director of Design Engineering

Brian Novak is a global expert on thermal biosolids processes and has over 35 years of experience developing, managing, designing, constructing, and commissioning large-scale water and wastewater treatment, beneficial reuse, and industrial projects.

Mr. Novak’s expertise in the direct and indirect heat drying pelletization processes has been applied in numerous projects worldwide. He has developed and implemented training programs for operators and marketers of biosolids and heat drying systems. His talents are often in demand for troubleshooting and process adaptation, performing system analysis, due diligence, and new technology integration and implementation.

National and international governments, as well as private industry, seek Mr. Novak’s consultation to develop and implement biosolids management programs. Brian has served as a technical expert for heat drying at symposia worldwide to promote beneficial reuse of biosolids. Mr. Novak has consulted with various R&D entities to study the efficacy of combining multiple organic waste products into a reusable product as well as heat recovery, CHP, and alternative fuels.