Ecoremedy provides two options for project development: self-financed BOOM projects, or FEED projects under a traditional capital sale.

Cogeneration can be added to any project where the feedstock has a sufficiently high solids content (often over 30%).

Ideal Project Criteria

Minimum 18% solids content (or add additional dewatering)
Digested or undigested
No existing dryer


Build - Own - Operate - Manage

Backed by Rockwell Venture Capital, we can build on-site projects at wastewater treatment facilities and other suitable sites in the Northeastern US. Ecoremedy processes the residuals through long-term, fixed-fee waste processing contracts. Joint ventures with project developers are welcomed. The Morrisville Project is an example of this project development model.

  • Permitting
  • A low-risk turnkey solution
  • Emergency off-take agreements
  • All components from major vendors
  • One year or less from signed contract to commissioning
  • Currently available only in Northeast US


Front-End Engineering Design

Ecoremedy offers Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) services for capital sales of turnkey gasification facilities, typically to wastewater utilities or developers.

Ecoremedy will provide FEED services for its technology licensees under separate service contracts.

We will assist the owner’s engineers with the project management schedule, equipment delivery, and procurement services. During the construction phase of the project, a representative from Ecoremedy will perform periodic site inspections to ensure proper equipment installation and maintenance area allotments are provided.

After construction is complete, Ecoremedy will assist in the plant commissioning of the licensed products and provide operator training.

As part of our FEED services package, Ecoremedy will direct the engineering effort necessary for project development including:

  • Specification and selection of all major equipment
  • Conceptual equipment layout
  • Thermodynamic heat and mass balances
  • Material handling
  • Necessary utility services
  • Motor count and parasitic electric load analysis
  • Emission control
  • Preliminary cost/benefit analysis


Design / Build Cogeneration

Ecoremedy specializes in high-moisture feedstocks. For these projects, the thermal energy recovered through gasification is typically utilized to replace natural gas for thermal drying.

In cases where the feedstock has a higher solids content (e.g. 30% solids or more), less energy is required for drying. This allows for the potential to add a steam plant or steam-cycle cogeneration of heat and electricity for further energy recovery.

  • Extensive EPC experience with “inside the fence” steam-cycle cogeneration facilities
  • More than 1.4 Billion Btu/hr of process steam
  • More than 112,000 kWe of renewable electricity using the steam cycle
  • Specialized in design and installation of industrial-scale power plants converting localized or self-generated wastes to renewable energy and nutrient recovery
  • Clients range from US utilities, large and small industry, and universities
  • Designer and packager of steam turbine generator systems ranging in size from 52 MWe for a hybrid solar thermal/biomass power plant to 90 kWe for a molding plant in Tennessee